Made the switch to a new name and a new technology with Sp.a
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Small earthquake in the political landscape, because the largest left-wing party in Flanders changes its name: sp.a (Socialist Party Different) becomes Vooruit. The red color will of course remain, but the entire house style will also be examined, including a new online presence.

With NationBuilder, Vooruit opted for an all in one software as a service platform to appeal to both current and potential members. Through surveys and petitions Vooruit gains insight into where their followers lie awake and each department has its own place to inform the supporters about local developments.

It was our first time working with NationBuilder, but we can honestly say that we are incredibly proud of this result.


Segmentation using Surveys and Petitions

Every member of the party was given the opportunity to create an account on the website. By giving their opinion in surveys or signing petitions, a profile is maintained of the interests of the members. The party can then set up different e-mail lists based on those tags and send specific messages to them.

Lokale site Leuven

Local Mini Sites

Each local branch of the party has its own landing page with an overview of the team and a news overview with news from the region. Here too, members can subscribe to the local newsletter, which is also sent directly from NationBuilder.
Chairman Conner Rousseau's personal website can also be adjusted effortlessly from the same back-end.

Donations via a custom developed Stripe integration

Since NationBuilder is mainly aimed at the US market and therefore only supports Visa for donation payments, we had to provide an alternative here.
Our custom Stripe integration ensured that Maestro was also supported. An absolute must for the Belgian market, which did not go unnoticed by NationBuilder.

Long-term partnership

Our collaboration did not stop with the delivery of the website in 2021. We are also actively working on this website in the run-up to the elections in 2024.