When we say ‘Royco’, you say ‘Minute Soup’. But meanwhile, Roy's company has a wide variety of other tasty break snacks on offer.
Services provided
  • Webdesign
  • Development

You will not only find Royco in the supermarket, but also in the kitchen of many SMEs and associations of all kinds. The new website therefore had to be geared not only to the consumer, but also to those who want to market Royco.

royco screensaver

For consumers, there is a strong focus on the fun factor and clear communication about the ingredients, something that has been in demand in recent years.
Eyecatcher here is the screensaver with which you can show a message with a countdown clock while you are having a drink.

Royco B2B screenshot

The B2C part is based on a slightly more businesslike approach, with practical information about the support you receive as a company, but also savings programs and promotions to make the product more attractive. From there you can click through to the webshop, which runs on the Shopify platform.

Royco webshop