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Services provided
  • UX concept
  • Webdesign
  • Development
  • Project Management

Since 2009 you will find old and new art side by side in M Leuven. After 10 years, a new house style was presented and now the website was also due for a facelift.

Besides a new fresh style for the website, a lot of exciting things happened behind the scenes.

Everyone, from visitor to researcher, can browse through the M collection. The collection was digitized and made accessible. The information is maintained using Axiell software, the image database is centralized on the ResourceSpace system. We made sure that these two were connected and you can search the result here!

Mockup van het conceptdocument

Preliminary phase with Lastpak, User testing on wireframes and design

We engaged Studio Lastpak for the concepting and drawing up of the information architecture. Based on previous research by M, they have defined archetypes. Each with their own needs, thresholds and questions for the website.
We then set to work on this to make an extensive wireframe exercise, which we developed into a final proposal in co-creation. Two user testing rounds were provided for both the wireframes and designs, and no stone was left unturned.

Screenshot collectiedatabank

Digital access

M Leuven owns more art than it currently exhibits. The extensive collection has been digitized and cataloged to open up to the general public. In the new collection database, a wide range of parameters can be searched in a clear and accessible manner. Axiell Collections was used for the metadata, a ResourceSpace was set up for the images. You can view the artworks in great detail thanks to the IIIF technology. Hours of fun guaranteed!

Image database in the cloud

Not only did the photos of artworks get their place on ResourceSpace, the media drive was also moved to the cloud. In this way, image rights and copyrights are kept in one central place for these images.


Content migration

The existing website already had a huge wealth of information in three languages about the past years in the museum. It would have been a shame to throw this integral in the trash, so we wrote a custom module to migrate this content (including images) from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9.


Get inspired 24/7

In addition to the paper version of the Magazine, you can also digitally browse the vast range of M.
Read interviews with artists, go behind the scenes and discover how the exhibition was built. Walk through exhibitions in VR, listen to podcasts or learn about museum jargon. There is already a vast amount of content, and it continues to grow. 
See for yourself!