Pizza Hut

Following the new restaurant look and feel, we gave the restaurant website a massive visual overhaul, including a location-based restaurant suggestion page. Getting you closer to pizza, you're welcome.


AZ Turnhout

AZ Turnhout is a regional hospital, but they prefer you to say 'Gast-Huis'. It's a dutch word emphasizing the warmth they proud themselves of. Patients should feel right at home upon visiting, and that's also what we were going for with their new website.


Vlaanderen Vakantieland

You don't need to travel far to enjoy a great holiday. You don't need to get away for days or weeks. Sometimes an afternoon already does the trick.


Alken-Maes jobs

Alken-Maes, part of the Heineken Group, embraces it's role as a challenger, rather than dreading it. Our challenge was to create a job site that is enjoyable to visit, but still has a corporate enough feel.



Combine the taste of NY burgers with Belgian quality fries. Manhattn's is all about that flavor, we are all about their website.



The biggest free open air festival in Flanders, with up to ten stages located around the city of Mechelen.

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